Have you ever taste the feeling of freedom, when you are hovering above the ground, driving over 40 mph on air cushion and enjoying the adrenaline flowing in your veins? You haven’t? It’s time to change that! Our hovercraft will give you exceptional experience full of fun and excitement that you will never forget.

Driving hovercraft is very specific, therefore a short briefing is a part of the experience after which you will be able to safely operate the hovercraft yourself. For maximum safety, the driver is equipped with helmet with glass shield and hovercraft operation is secured by the instructor using the radio emergency stop switch.

We also offer hovercraft rentals for teambuildings and other private events throughout the Czech Republic. In that case ensuring the suitable terrain is up to you. It should be grassy club airfield or other maintained meadow with a minimum size of a football field and with no inclination.

  • Hovering at 40 mph
  • Hovering time from 20 minutes
  • Prices from 62 €
  • Where: Praha – Kunratice
  • When: only on weekends
  • Possibility of rent for private and corporate events


Hovering time Suitable for Price
20 minutes 1 – 2 participants 74€
1 hour 2 – 6 participants 210€
2 hours 7 – 12 participants 335€
Each additional hour - 117€

Price includes:

  • Safety briefing and introduction to the controls
  • Hovercraft driving practice session
  • Hover cross session flying over land
  • Safety helmets and protective overalls are supplied
  • Beer or non-alcoholic beverage for each after the ride

In case of a private or corporate event, the transport will be charged 0,32€ per kilometer. (Prague – arranged place – Prague)


To book a ride, please use the booking form bellow or write an email to strejda@speemsy.cz or call us on +420 777 478 241. You can also order a voucher for hovering as a gift for someone!

Terms available from January 2018!

How to book a ride:

  1. Fill in the booking form
  2. We will contact you in 24 hours with payment details and set a final date of your ride
  3. Reservation will be confirmed after payment of the full amount
  4. You will receive a confirmation of the booking with further information

How to buy a voucher:

  1. Fill in the booking form and check that you want a voucher
  2. We will contact you in 24 hours with payment details
  3. Order will be confirmed after payment of the full amount
  4. You will receive your voucher
If you want to give a ride as a gift, please check the following box and we will send you a voucher for hovering.
  • 20 minutes (62 €)
  • 1 hour (175 €)
  • 2 hours (280 €)
  • more than 2 hours (- €)
Do not to fill if you buying a voucher
Do not to fill if you buying a voucher


Sober driver

A hovercraft can’t be driven by anyone under influence of alcohol or any other drugs.

Safety distance

Keep in mind that the response of a hovercraft to direction changes is very slow and the breaking distance may exceed even 15 meters. Therefore, always keep safe distance away from obstacles and people.

Instructor is always right

Carefully listen to advices of your instructor and follow the rules pointed out during the safety briefing. 


A hovercraft has a massive propeller which allows it to move forward and at the same time draws the air under the cockpit of the machine. The bottom of hovercraft is rimmed with a rubber sleeve prevents the air from easy escape, it causes an overpressure which lifts a hovercraft few inches above the ground. As it moves on the air cushion, it can ride on any surface and overcome miner terrain unevenness. It can go on grass, field, water or snow.

Thanks to the air cushion, the hovercraft does not leave any damage to the surface. Hovercraft is maneuvered through rudders and weight shifting by a pilot. It is still in a slip, therefore it is always necessary to keep a safe distance from obstacles.


How many days in advance can I book a ride?

The sooner, the better. But please send us an inquiry at least 2 days in advance before your planned trip. If it is a last-minute call, please call us on +420 777 478 241 to check the availability.

What should I wear?

Watch the weather forecast, dress accordingly. In case of rainy days we will provide you with protective overalls. 

What is the address of the pitch?

We will send you exact information and instructions via e-mail. You can get to the meeting point by public transport or we can arrange a transport from your accomodation and back for extra fee.

Are there any limitations?

You have to be at least 15 years old (under 18 - with a consent of your legal representative) and sober before starting the activity.